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Adventures of an Urban Jungleboy
formerly Emperor Kevin's Maunderings
Jungleboy Transparent
Remember that silly project for Punk Rock Bowling? I liked the basic effect, but not the implementation.
The chasing LED strips were too fragile to last long, and the lighting effects were limited.

I set out to build a replacement set of light panels that were fully programmable.

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9th-Jul-2014 12:47 pm - A Real Power Tie
Jungleboy Transparent
This is a project I created with a LilyPad Arduino USB board (e-textile sewable circuitry) as a demo for the Intro to Costume Electronics and Illumination panel at Loncon 3. It's also appropriate for the current PenWAG art-to-wear challenge: "All Tied Up"

19th-May-2014 11:15 pm - Send a Dalek to London!
Jungleboy Transparent
I've been invited to exhibit Tiki Dalek at the London Worldcon in August.

If I can get him there.

Andy and I can cover our own expenses, but it may cost as much as one of our tickets to ship him there and back.

So I started a crowdfunding campaign for him via gofundme.com

30th-Apr-2014 06:28 pm - Tonka 30 April 2014 (afternoon)
Jungleboy Transparent

Ah, the best laid schemes...
We dined betwixt earth and sky
enfolded by clouds.
No overlord's view informs
the next sandbox city plan.

30th-Apr-2014 09:18 am - Tonka 30 April 2014 (morning)
Jungleboy Transparent

Less rain this morning,
so I pore over our maps
plotting our sortie
into the blustery day
with grand engineering plans.

29th-Apr-2014 11:28 pm - Tonka 29 April 2014
Jungleboy Transparent

Rain pelts my city
and the towering spires melt
into island mounds.
Tomorrow I shall simply
launch my fleet of motorboats!

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28th-Apr-2014 11:12 pm - Tonka 28 April 2014
Jungleboy Transparent

No hard hat needed
To begin new construction
When our brand new trucks
Emerge from their packages
To trundle across the sand.

28th-Apr-2014 12:36 am - Tonka 27 April 2014
Jungleboy Transparent

Beautiful Oz girls
say "dump truck, steam shovel, and
bulldozer" this round.
With all three we can rebuild
Emerald City tonight!

27th-Apr-2014 01:51 am - Tonka 26 April 2014
Jungleboy Transparent

It's after midnight
and I haven't gone to sleep,
which means I can still
attempt to compose today's
sandbox and toy truck verses.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :-)

25th-Apr-2014 10:30 pm - Tonka 25 April 2014
Jungleboy Transparent

I dressed my dolls up
("action figures" if you must)
in wild crazy things.
How, I ask you, can one make
spandex look good on dump trucks?

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