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Wahoo! Mainstream Media Coverage

OK, so I still haven't covered the trip to give the keynote talk at IEEE Wescon in Anaheim last week.

Short version: it was great. They want me back.
Addendum: I'm so glad I wore the almost-never-used Pierre Cardin business suit I bought while in London in 98.
The first thing that happened when I caught up with James Hungerford (who invited me to speak) is I discover he's the organizer of the whole show.
Second thing that happened is he proceeds to introduce me to the other organizers and a half-dozen other felllows.
All CEOs.
All thrilled that I've come to talk about spintronics.
All wearing business suits.
So I was verra, verra glad I was wearing mine.

So, on to today's big news. Tonight and tomorrow night are the two parts of the IRLM Crown Ball.
Two weeks ago, I sent the information off to Leigh Weimers, who writes the Society column in the SJ Mercury News.
Nothing. No response. Nada.
But this morning, there it is, a very nice column inch on the second page of the Local section.

You can read it online at

And if you don't have plans, come to the Ball tomorrow night!
Details at (Click on October 2 in the little calendar)

'Nuf for now... gotta go eat


PS And NEXT FRIDAY is Emperor's New Clothes, where you can see me attempt a drag performance or two. It's on the calendar as well.

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