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Aliens invade Chicago

bovil already made his post about our trip to Chicago for their first ever Coronation.

What can I say... it was a great way to finish celebrating my birthday!

(The little soiree we had in Eddie and Steele's garden was very very nice, and exactly what I needed.
It was, however, great fun to unleash the wild side with Andy in Chi-town).

We got into town in plenty of time to grab a bite with Grand Duke Woody from Reno, and then
get ready for the out of town show and trolley bar run.

In honor of their "Star Trec: In Search of an Empire", what could I do but "Fly Me to the Moon" as my number
in the out of town show? It was fun being one of the first (among the few) live performers on their stage, and
Aunt Betty from Reno made a point of timing presenting a tip to me with the final sting of the song. Thanks, Aunt Betty!

For the first half of the show, the Emperor of Buffalo, the charming and cute Johnny St. Breeze, seemed to
be dodging out of my way every time I looked at him. I finally caught him in a quiet moment and he vehemently denied any such thing. So we proceeded to team up for the trolley run. As you probably know, I always enjoy having a cute and charming drinking companion to flirt with on a bar run -- especially with my cute and charming Andy along as well. We even persuaded the doormen that what I was wearing was fetishy enough for the back rooms at Cell Block and Touche.
(Bars I haven't visited since IML 20!)...

Saturday we got to go shopping on Halsted at a goth shop called "Ninety Ninth Floor" and
down the street at a costume and vintage shop called Beatnix. Then back to the hotel to get ready for Coronation. Managed to fit my spacesuit and really fancy frockcoat for my walk into our smallish duffel. As Andy mentioned, we then proceeded to walk the TEN blocks to Cubby Bear's.

The ball was fun, and finally it was time to get ready for our walk. Baron I (now His Majesty Emeritus) Dr. Earle Lewis and Baroness I (Her Majesty Emeritus) Rachael St. James had offered to help me make a proper entrance. Andy preceded me up the runway, then our music started: the theme to Buckaroo Banzai. I made a slow motion entrance in my quilted silver lame spacesuit (if you were at Alameda Ducal, you saw it) and paused halfway up the runway to remove my helmet and pass it to Earle.
As he took it, Rachael gave me my (new!) crown. Then I cracked the seal on the suit as Earle held the grip on the back, and I walked forward out of it as it broke away revealing full formal regalia including the long Kristi Smart frockcoat with the brocade godets. (OK, too much wardrobe detail, I know). I heard the jaws hit the floor (it doesn't look like all that coat could possibly fit inside the spacesuit.
Yay! The outgoing monarchs Andy and Sierra really liked it, which was actually as important to me as the crowd response.

Of course, two courts later Emperor Jules from Vancouver did a spectacular costumed walk to "Calling Occupants". I decided to forgive him for upstaging my entrance because i thought I was the only person on Earth who remembered that song. As it turned out, Jules and his ICP tied with St Catharines for best court walk in theme and I won best Male in Theme, so there was enough glory to go around!

I wanted to go out and party some more with the boys from Buffalo (and Vancouver, and San Antonio, and St Catharines, and...), but as Andy pointed out, I got smarter once we were downstairs and we just partied in hospitality.

Brunch back at Cubby Bear's was good, and we had time for another round of shopping, including a stop at Evil Clown Music, where I found a copy of the Barbarella soundtrack and the Man from U.N.C.L.E soundtracks, both collections of music which will undoubtedly find their way into a stage presentation of some kind...

Then we got back on the plane and flew back to SFO, hauled our weary butts onto the shuttle and rode home. I then had to unpack and repack for my trip to Anaheim (post about that coming up soon) the next night.

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