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A Grand Day Out

bovil and I had a lovely afternoon at the Northern California Renaissance Faire at Casa De Fruta yesterday.

(For those of you who missed the previous post, some of the folks at Play Faire Productions were so entertained when they heard about the Hollister in 2008: Casa De Fruta bid that they offered us a pair of tickets. I think johnnyeponymous got some, too, as is only fitting as the other member of the evil triumvirate behind the high-fiber hoax bid.)

Anyway -- the Faire. The day was cool and pleasant, as was walking into a Renaissance Faire without having to change into 30 pounds of mostly-black court Elizabethan costume first. I haven't been to a renfaire since I stopped performing as a member of St. George's Guild (the court) at the Northern Renaissance Pleasure Faire at Blackpointe Forest, just before the time that the Pattersons had to sell the land there. We took a leisurely morning and got to the site at about one in the afternoon.

I'd describe the Casa De Fruta Faire as one part Living History, one part SCA, one part craft fair, and two parts Monty Python, with a healthy dollop of PoTC. We made one circuit of the town of Willington to scope it out, a second to shop, and a third to buy. I bought a new belt pouch, and we drank some lovely iced chai and had Meat Pies (steak and mushroom for bovil, and chicken pie for me). Along the way we stopped and chatted with fairegoddess and some of her friends from St. Luke's (middle class) Guild several times, with Dorothy and Co. at the Faire Play booth (thanks again, Dorothy, for the tickets!), and some members of the court (my old friend Dominic is currently portraying the Earl of Oxford, and we recognized a few other friends as well). About 5 o'clock, I was wearing out, so we packed up and heading home.

We finished the day with sushi at Totoro Sushi and Grill on Saratoga Ave, and I got to watch Howl's Moving Castle finally, thanks to "OnDemand".

A Grand Day Out, indeed!
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