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Some of didjiman's photos of Conrad and friends

Andy got some spectacular on-stage shots, but these backstage candids from Richard show off some details.

OH, and by the way, Conrad's feet were featured on the FRONT PAGE of the Saturday Orange County Register, along with twjudy's head and several other folks in a very nice montage.

Backstage -- right after rehearsal

Conrad and the gang, waiting to go on

Conrad relaxing backstage

Closeup of Dana as Conrad's "Alien Phan"

Closeup of Bruce as Conrad's bodyguard

I'll try to pull the images of the new camera tonight and get them uploaded.

Edit 12:11PM -- A brief description of the presentation, pending video availability...

Music: Tom Jones & The Art of Noise doing a cover of Prince's "Kiss"

  • Begins with MC saying And now, direct from a three-epoch run at the Mesozoic Mezzanine, C-O-N-R-A-D -- T-- L-I-Z-A-R-D!

  • Musical sting, then sound of motorcycle revving. Conrad zooms across upstage on a Razor™ Scooter from stage right wing to stage left wing. Sound of a crash.

  • Main music starts, and Conrad comes out boogie-ing.

  • As he moves downstage, a mob of four screaming female fans shove out on stage, trying to push past the bodyguard (Bruce), finally succeeding and line up in a row behind Conrad. Bodyguard, disgusted, takes a step back.

  • Conrad makes his fans swoon with delight by dancing a turn with each of them, in an appropriate style.

  • He then works back downstage center and bodyguard re-interposes himself between the star and his fans. Unbeknownst to either of them, the fans have started pulling out exotic underwear.

  • Conrad strikes his final pose and the final musical sting hits.

  • Fans throw underwear at Conrad (thus pelting bodyguard with it) and pursue him offstage.

  • Bodyguard follows slowly, collecting abandoned undergarments and trying to figure out exactly how the alien panties could possibly fit...

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