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Why? Because we LIKE you!

Party shopping is done (yay!). Check.

Masquerade documentation is printed, high-res on photo paper, and assembled in binder. Check.

Note is off to housing department to make sure they've booked our party room next to our sleeping room... No reply yet, but they have our cell number. Check.

FedEx tracking says our 4 trunks are on the truck for delivery today. Check.

Got up, down to the hotel gym and did the Monday workout my trainer wrote out for me. Andy is in shower; I'm next. Check

Have sunscreen, long-sleeved shirt, broad-brimmed hat. Check

As soon as I'm out of the shower, it's breakfast and Andy's first visit to Disneyland!
We'll actually get to use both days of our two-day passes! Hurrah!

Toodles! We're off to visit the Mouse!
Tags: events, la con, life, tourism, worldcon

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