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An amazing feat (Worldcon costume update)

I've got the big pieces done...

Today I got Conrad's feet built... here are the pictures and some notes

Feet! Feet!

Carved foam, stuffed into spandex I patterned by draping over the carving, then quilted by hand to bring out the toe details, and put on an old pair of cowboy boots. The jumpsuit cuffs will cover the boot shafts
Toes Toes

The toes actually curve up and then back down. The underside is done with the black cosmic lizard spandex for contrast
Bottom of the feet. Bottom of the feet.

You can see the boot heels. For extended use, I'm going to have to put sole material over the spandex on the walking surface.
Feet from the other side Feet from the other side

Head (sans crest), tail and feet  all ready to go. Head (sans crest), tail and feet all ready to go.

What's left? I have to reattach his jaw now that the underbite has been corrected, and we found the bag of leftover flat acrylic jewels from Amber, so I'm going to embellish his jumpsuit. But, for the most part, HE'S DONE! YAYYYYY!

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