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15 more minutes of fame...

I'm mentioned in an article on the Bloomberg news service...
Nanotech Lures Bankers, VCs With Promise of $1 Trillion Market

For those of you who haven't heard me talk about our research, let me be clear: I did not talk about silk screening atoms onto tee-shirts

I did describe our thin film deposition techniques as rather like "airbrushing with atoms" (that's a stock phrase I use in my talks, because the image it brings to mind in the audience is very clear), and I often describe our shadow-masking technique as rather like doing said painting through a stencil. I believe those two images were conflated together into the "silk screening" reference the reporter makes. Anyways, there's my name in print again. Should boost my Google hits some more ;-)
Tags: research, spintronics, work

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