Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Conzilla costume update -- fiddly bits

Some detail shots of bits I did by hand for Conzilla...

Fiddly bits --eye details Fiddly bits --eye details

The rim around the eye capsule was made onsite Friday. I hand-stitched a tube of the blue cosmic lizard spandex and then applied it around the eye capsule. At this point, I first secured the eyeball (one half of a Gak Splat silicone rubber football) in place by threading carpet thread through a piece of coffee stirrer threaded into one of the long cavities in the eye segment and stitching through to buttons on the inside of the skull, and then securing the capsule to the batting and "skin" on the foam skull.
Closeup  of the rim around the eye Closeup of the rim around the eye

the Iris was printed on mirror/window decal material and slipped between the eyeball and the clear plastic capsule
a full view of the eyeball with the rim and iris in place a full view of the eyeball with the rim and iris in place

Tags: conrad, conventions, conzilla, costume, lounge lizard

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