Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

I loves my husband, I does...

We were going to see POTC II tonight, but the shows early enough to watch were sold out by the time we were done having (accidental) dinner with my (from Reign 34 days) Imperial Crown Prince and Princess Allen and Michael (aka Ava Grabmore).

So we watched dvr'd Robot Chicken and (proof I love my husband) Without Reservations and *did not* watch the copy of Slayer, even if Caspar van Diem is cute (30 seconds in -- *pre title sequence!* -- and I said forget it).

No, I really love my husband because I'm designing a prop for a stage fantasy at the Alameda County Leather Corps contest in 2 weeks and was dispairing on how to simply build the curved, padded "leather" doors for the prop (it's inspired by a certain scene in Barbarella), and he said... "I should have pointed out you were overcommitted when they asked you. But have you considered cardboard?"

Problem solved. A quick trip to the hardware store for the components that need to be sturdy enough to support weight, and the rest can be done with cardboard, batting, black vinyl and a staple gun.

Have I mentioned I love my husband?

(Oh yes... then I get to go back to Conrad and do some orthodontia and build a tail...but those mods are already designed)

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