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Conzilla costume update -- almost done!

Actually, almost *completely* done:

I've built a cowled lizard-skin top with contrast panels so the jumpsuit can be unzipped, and a drape for the underside of the head so his neck doesn't look too skinny.

What's left: I now have the springs for the jaw, and I need to stitch the (currently still pinned) spines and eyes in place, plus make the "eyelids" to wrap around the base of the plastic capsules, plus the "irises".

None of those details are deal-breakers; he is wearable as-is.

Lizard Skin!
Lizard Skin! Lizard Skin!

So that when the jumpsuit is unzipped to the navel, it isn't all disgusting and pink inside :-)
Undertunic (shot with flash) Undertunic (shot with flash)

So, you can see (sort of) the black contrasting panels on the blue lizardskin. The hood (cowl) is built in, to avoid any annoying gaps.
There is also a drape that will, well, drape from the underside of the skull, because otherwise Conrad's neck is wayyyyyy too thin.
The point of the lizard skin shirt (based on Kwik-Sew 2881) is so that the Elvis-y jumpsuit actually *can* be unzipped to show off skin.

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