Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

My Westercon Schedule

Here's what I'll be doing at Conzilla, the 59th West Coast Regional Science Fantasy Conference coming up this weekend in San Diego.

Kevin Roche
Saturday 15:00: Accessories Make the Costume (Cabrillo 2)
(With: Arabella Benson, James Hay, Kate Morgenstern)
Saturday 19:00: Cabaret Show and Meet the Guests* (Pavilion)
(With: Kevin J. Anderson, Bobbi Armbruster, Bob Eggleton, Walter Jon Williams)
Monday 11:00: Stage Movement (Cabrillo 2)
(With: )
Monday 14:00: Spintronics Demonstration (Salon A)
(With: )
Tuesday 12:00: Match Game SF (2 hours) (Pavilion)
(With: Lynn Gold, Nancy Holder, Scott Norton, Nora Rankin, Kevin Standlee, Andy Trembley)

*Your chance to see Conrad T. Lizard live and on stage!
Tags: conventions, conzilla
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