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Getting a head in live -- Conzilla costume update

As usual, photos and details behind the cut

The I coated the WonderFlex jawbone with spray glue top and bottom, then lightly sprayed one side of a piece of batting and wrapped it around the outside of the jaw.

Then I re-sprayed the inside surface and stretchd a piece of the blue cosmic lizard spandex around that; it wasn't sprayed, and so it only stuck where is was stretched around and pressed into the inside.

Finally, I sprayed the wrong side of a carefully shaped piece of the black cosmic lizard and pressed it down into the lower palate, sealing all the edges in place. Two stitches with carpet thread hold the teeth in place, and two pieces of cord tie the jaw to the hardhat inside the head. Two loops of carpet thread limit how far down it can drop until I can find the springs I bought to do the same job only bouncier.

Getting A Head in Life
It's a lizard! (with an underbite) It's a lizard! (with an underbite)

So here he is, with the lower jaw assembled and attached. This is what it looks like if I push the mouth closed...
See -- he really does have an underbite! See -- he really does have an underbite!

the articulation is a little wonky, which makes the underbite worse when the mouth is open. But I'm still pretty happy, and I can tweak the mandible some more after the debut, since that is a performance rather than a competition.

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