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More Conzilla costume progress

How to build a dinosaur(oid)... reskinning the head
How to build a dinosaur(oid) head
13 pattern pieces -- 2 each of 6 and the tip of his nose
How to build a dinosaur(oid) head
All put together... batting underlining for the head
Step one is stitching up a head out of thin quilt batting to smooth out some of the rocky bits in the carved foam. Of course pulling quilt batting over rockily-carved cushion foam is an adventure in itself.
All put together... batting underlining for the head
View from the other side
I'm not so worried about the wrinkles -- the spandex will compress some of them, plus the center back of the skull is going to be carved for the spikes to be inserted and that will let me adjust some of the ease. The important part is that the basic pattern appears to be ok.The concave parts (where the eyes go) will be pulled further inward by some judicious hand stitching once the skin is applied
View from the other side

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