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Conzilla Costume Progress

It's all behind the cut, so iamradar and other potential Worldcon judges can avoid it.

(The costume is being exhibited at Conzilla Saturday night but not entered in the Monday night masquerade, but *will* be part of an entry at WorldCon)

White painter's coveralls arrived before CC24. Extra pockets (breast pockets and rear patch pockets) have been removed, and it's been spangled to within an inch of its life with "golden platinum", "glittering nightstar", "glittering silver", and "iridescent golden blue" fabric paints.

In my first adventures with Wonderflex, I have fabricated the lower jaw and upper and lower teeth for the head.

The spines (crest, fins, whatever you want to call the things coming out of the back of the head) have been encased in black holographic snakeskin spandex.

I'm patterning the muslin for the batting and skin for the head now (or, rather, going back to it as soon as I post this)

Edit: Here are the photos!
back of Conrad's jumpsuit back of Conrad's jumpsuit
closeup of center back of the jumpsuit closeup of center back of the jumpsuit
back of left sleeve back of left sleeve
Front of jumpsuit (ignore clothes on hangers :-) ) Front of jumpsuit (ignore clothes on hangers :-) )
Detail of jumpsuit front Detail of jumpsuit front
Mid-thigh ornamentation Mid-thigh ornamentation
Detail of side and cuff of jumpsuit leg Detail of side and cuff of jumpsuit leg
Lower Jawbone Lower Jawbone (my first work with Wonderflex. You can see the pattern piecing starting on the skull in the background)
Nasty Pointy Teef! Nasty Pointy Teef!
More nasty Pointy Teef! More nasty Pointy Teef!
Spines! Spines! Made of white craft foam encased in black holographic "cosmic lizard" spandex

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