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Gaylaxicon Masquerade a Smash Hit!

Our lineup:

Peter MacVoy (apologies if I misspelled his name), the Toastmaster teamed up with me and we entertained the crowd for about 50 minutes

He came out, and introduced me in my "Gary" costume (from the Ambiguously Gay Duo), and I sang my version of Destination Moon.

Then I introduced the judges.

We then ran a 26-slide visual fashion show of Paco Rabane designs from Barbarella (with "The Black Queen's Beads" as soundtrack)... once through quickly, and then again with commentary. Let's just say that we got many suggestions for what film to do next year :-)

I ran backstage and changed into the Barrista while Peter stalled, and then popped out and did "Ain't that a Kick in the Head?". When I complained that I still didn't have any dancing boys for the bridge, Peter jumped out on stage and did the can-can in his Utilikilt.

This was followed by our six masquerade entries.

The judges retired, and we invited audience members up to show off their costumes. We had a couple, and bovil patiently let me call him on stage to show off his LiveJournal Commando uniform.

I fled backstage, and Peter introduced all but one of the models for the Cheesecake and Beefcake charity event this evening (you buy cheesecake and the beefcake feeds it to you ). By this point, I'd changed into Jungleboy and came out and read Peter's introduction while he changed into his Beefcake costume, as he was the last model.

Then the judges were back and announced the awards... everyone won something, which was just fine at this contest.

We did our thanks, and then I closed the show with the "Hawaiian War Chant", with audience participation in the chorus (of course) and Peter obligingly hula-ing behind me. Even remembered all the words to the Hawaiian verse.

It was great fun, the audience really enjoyed it, and I can say it was really a pleasure to work with Peter, and the crew was great with the last-minute changes (including sound and light guy also named Peter).

Tomorrow I get to paint sparklies on the jumpsuit for Conzilla and just enjoy the day.


Oh, and unayok videotaped it and the bits I saw weren't painful to watch. (and I didn't look fat :-) Yay again!
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