Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Work Begins on the Conzilla costume

I'm going to have to work fast on this one, given that we leave on the 30th and will be out of town next week for Gaylaxicon. The white jumpsuit arrived yesterday and fits (thank ghod). Need to launder it, add some elastic in the back for a sleeker fit and then ornament it appropriately. Everything depends on the head, though, so that's where I'm focussing energy first...
Raw Materials and tools Raw Materials and tools
As in 3 kinds of spray adhesive, a couple of silicone gel footballs, some glow-in-the-dark eyeball superballs, a hard hat, a big piece of foam and an electric carving knife
Eye materials Eye materials
The idea is to slice the footballs in half and then imbed the superball into those halfs to give me the eyes. I bought two footballs so I could screw it up completely once
There's a skull in there somewhere There's a skull in there somewhere
Here's the blank for the head. Now I have to carve away all the parts that don't look like a carnosaur head. That's 3 blocks of foam and a hardhat (the chunk under the "chin" is just to hold it up on the mannequin head; I didn't feel like resizing the hardhat harness to fit her)
inside view of skull blank inside view of skull blank
here you can see the hardhat inside the foam (this is shot with flash)
inside of skull (No flash) inside of skull (No flash)
Another view of the hardhat imbedded in the foam skull blank Another view of the hardhat imbedded in the foam skull blank

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