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May 14-16 -- a whirlwind weekend

Wow! This weekend kicked off with our "Broadway goes Hollywood!" show at King of Clubs, our first "Second Friday of the Month show" there. (Empress Rachael and part of our court were at the ProLatino Dinner that night to offer community support)

ICPs Alan and Ava did a great job of pulling together a nice tight show. Unfortunately, the early show time (8pm... held until 9) meant that we had a fairly small crowd until near the end. By the end of the night, though, we had raised $435, thanks in part to wonderful drawing prizes donated by Royal Jester Trailer Trash Trixie.

The great news is that KoC was happy enough with our show (among other things, we finished right when we said we were going to) that future 2nd Friday shows will start at 10pm and be integrated into their Stilletto theme night!

We invested Chris and James as "Purveyors of Potables to His Majesty" and KoC as "His Majesty's Watering Hole", and Emperor Mark Cervantes as "Emperor of Alviso Mark Cerveza" (as our Grand Duke S Bearina da Great is "Empress III of Alviso" and was feeling lonely).

After that, made my way to Renegade's for their Leather and Uniform night to wish Khol well on his trip to IML.
Invested Khol as Lord of His Majesty's Leather Regiment (a kilt joke) and Sage as Wise Womyn to His Majesty

Saturday went up to the Alameda County Bear Contest at Rumors, followed by a victory round at the Turf Club.
Got drafted as entertainment by John Grisamore ;-) and performed Peel Me A Grape for the crowd, with a little staging help from Aurelia and a martini. Royal Jester Trixie (well, actually, Steve, except Trixie's hair put in an appearance about 2/3 of the way through) MCd with John. As usual, the crowd was happy and friendly. Winner Ben and his husband Brian are really nice people, and I bought his contestant auction basket.

That same night Grand Duke S Bearina and Grand Duchess Madame Steele were at the Alameda Ducal event; Bearina made it to the end of the Bear contest as well.

Sunday we had a barbecue at Carla's. What a pleasant afternoon with really nice people! I had the opportunity to meet the Grand Master of the local OddFellows lodge during the afternoon, and when he found out how much we give to charity he was quite excited and offered to find ways to help support our efforts. The bbq netted us another $415 towards our goal.

So, by the end of the weekend, color me happy but exhausted!

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