Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Fashion Show Update: Coffee Cup Lids!

I took a little time to work with the images that jadecat9 pointed me to and am very pleased with the resultant Canopic Jar Coffee Cup Lids.

Canopic Coffee Lids! Canopic Coffee Lids!
These started with photos of a set of amulets of the four sons of Horus in the collection of the British Museum. I ran a trace program on the bitmaps to create vector images, then did (by hand) an anamorphic transformation to print them onto a conical section that could be cut out and taped together into a piece that would fit (exactly; I got some lids and used calibers to measure the necessary diameters) right onto the Solo lids made to fit onto Starbucks coffee cups (both the tall and the grande/venti sizes). I'm inordinately pleased at the results. For reference, the four sons are from left to right: Qebehsenuef (falcon), Hapy (baboon), Duamutef (jackal) and Imsety (human). The versions going to CC24 are printed with our good Canon 9900 printer on photo paper; the large test version of Imsety (right hand, rear row) is from that printer and even in this snapshot you can see that the colors are more intense.

I also drew a clean copy of the "Tutbucks" cartouche logo so I can use it to lay out the real decoration on the cartouche. I'll admit to being tempted to print part of it out as an iron-on transfer, since most food-service places will not shell out bucks to bead employee uniforms. :-)

PS If you'd like to make your own set of lids, I turned my projections into a PDF file available at I just ask that you refrain from using them until after CC24, and that you give credit where credit is due!
Tags: cc24, conventions, costume, costume-con 24, egyptian barrista, future fashion

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