Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Knowing when good enough really is... Fashion Show project

The plan had been to use the scallop stitch cam on bovil's old Elna machine to machine embroider the waistband and front apron of the kilt with a scale pattern.

Unfortunately, the Elna doesn't maintain a uniform enough pattern to layer that many lines of stitching around a 43" waist (my waist plus the overlap).

So I pressed and bound all the appropriate edges and pinned it on... and then realized that the ties for the "wings" apron was going to wrap around right over the only part of the waistband that would show!

So I made the apron ties (out of the kilt fabric) and attached them, and tried tying the apron on over the kilt.
They do indeed go right over the area I'd been fussing about. Designers don't put boring details like apron ties in their sketches; the cartouche will cover the knot in front.

Good thing I didn't waste all that time doing machine embroidery!
Of course, instead I wasted it trying to test the machine embroidery, but at least I didn't mess up the kilt.

I think it actually looks better with the plain surface; the cloth has enough color texture to it already, especially with all the stitching details from the pleating.

Oh, and with the ties attached at the point where the wing "tip" dips slightly, the ends of the wings actually point back rather than cinch in and crush the rear pleats of the kilt. That's right, it's an apron with fins!
Photos soon. Bed now.

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