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As promised, photos of the kilt

Here are the photos of the kilt construction, behind the cut. Note that this is definitely a micro-kilt (about 14" hemline)... the description calls for "snug shorts" to be worn beneath it. The wing-shaped apron (visible on the box in the first photo) wraps over this, hanging lower than the kilt in front.

Photos of the mostly-done barrista kilt
Kilt, almost finished Kilt, almost finished
Here's the barrista's kilt (really, micro-kilt), with all the pleating done. That's thirty-one pleats you see there.
Kilt, slightly closer view Kilt, slightly closer view
Fanned out slightly. This was constructed similarly to a Scottish kilt, with the fabric selvage forming the hem (The fringey edge. The creased edges of each pleat have been edge stitched to keep them sharp (both the outside creases that you see here and the creases on the inside)
closeup of the outer apron end of the kilt closeup of the outer apron end of the kilt
This is the end that wraps over in front.
closeup, pleats slightly fanned closeup, pleats slightly fanned
you can see the edge stitching and the fringed selvage edge better in this light. The pleat seams in the waist-hip region have been topstitched as well
pleat closeup, available light pleat closeup, available light
Same view, different light so you can see other details
detail of the topstitching detail of the topstitching
The camera autofocus hated this. You can see where the topstitching ends and the edgestitching starts; there's a tiny gap between the two which was the limitation of getting the presser foot close to the seam while doing the edge stitching.
View of the insde of the pleats View of the insde of the pleats
This is the inside (back) of the kilt. you can see the edge stitching on the inside creases here. (The camera autofocus hated this one, too)

On to finishing... embroidering the front apron of the kilt, and making and embroidering the waistband ofr it. Then it's the cartouche and the beading.
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