Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Costume-Con 24 work in progress

I've made some significant progress on my CC24 Future Fashion Show piece. Photos are behind the cut.
Pectoral (Collar) for Egyptian Barrista Pectoral (Collar) for Egyptian Barrista
This is the basic finished pectoral for the Egyptian Barrista uniform. It's lightly padded with a pellon batting, to add texture when the beadwork is done, and lined in a coffee-and-cream colored "linen"; the edge binding is a color called "stone blue". The beaded fringe has browns, violets and blue acrylic faceted drop beads in it. What remains is to do the surface beading to ornament that broad swath of blue and make it look like your stereotypical "Egyptian" collar.
Egyptian Barrista Apron (before binding edges) Egyptian Barrista Apron (before binding edges)
In examining the sketch (line drawing; front view only) for this "uniform" I decided to build it as an apron over a kilt. I realized the apron could be patterned easily after stylized wings. This is the front of the apron; it's lined and padded with thin pellon batting; the "feathers" are detailed in with black cord that's been machine-quilted onto the assembled piece. This will have the edges bound in the same stone blue binding as the pectoral. A separate set of pockets without batting will be made, and "invisibly" attached to the reverse side of the center front by stitching over some of the existing quilting stitches. This is the "coffee-and-cream" fake linen fabric that lines the pectoral, by the way.
Detail of the quilted apron pieces Detail of the quilted apron pieces
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