Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

There's a floor in there!

I spent about 7 hours today (Sunday) trying to reclaim the studio, and have made significant progress.

Among other things, the folding cutting table, which was folded out halfway and covered in junk, with an equally large collection underneath it is now cleared off and folded up against the wall.

3 loads have gone out into the recycle bin, and there's a big enough bag of trash that I'm going to have to get an "extra garbage sticker" for Friday's pickup.

Among other long-put-off tasks, the boxes of old HOA documents (no longer relevant) and magazines have been chucked into recycling.

I figure another day's work and I'll have a usable studio again, so I can get to work on my Future Fashion show piece.
Tags: costume, home, life, spring cleaning

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