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Voila! C'est fini!

I just finished entering the metadata (the individual entry information) for Costume-Con 19, and filling in the few fashion show entries that hadn't been done for Costume-Con 1.

I've also added the entry lists as quick reference for the few albums that have no pictures yet (if you click on an album, you see a single "Sorry, no photos yet" image and a text list with all the entries beneath it.)

aramintamd has uploaded the photos for Costume-Con 23, but the entry data isn't easily to hand for our data entry crew, so that will fall back to her, since she has the reference material :-)

This means that all of the information in the old Costume-Con Timeline has now been transferred into the new Costume-Con Visual Archive!

Thanks to everyone who helped, even if they only had time to do one or two photos, or ask really good stupid questions while I got this going. That includes (but is not limited to):

Special bleeding fingers awards to lilacwire and Judy Mitchell, who did several albums.

I'm going to go soak my wrists and start on my Future Fashion entry for Costume-Con 24*


*Yes, that means this weekend I'm first cleaning out the studio
Tags: cc archives, cc galleries, costume-con

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