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Stupid Hair Tricks at Further Confusion

OK, here's the outcome of the Great Coiffure Conspiracy for Further Confusion 2006 (AKA Stupid Hair Tricks).

Stupid Hair Trick Photos
Before Before

Here's the hair before we started this whole project, back on January 7
Kevin Goes Platinum Kevin Goes Platinum

January 19 -- finished the lift we started on Jan 7, now it's all the way up to platinum. Time to put in the stripes
Evil Hosting Zebra Evil Hosting Zebra

OK, here's the end result -- zebra striped Kevin, complete with zebra contacts. About to open the party (the League of Evil Geniuses Hall of Fame Reception) at Further Confusion 2006
Stupid Hair Tricks  aka the Great Furcon Coiffure Conspiracy Stupid Hair Tricks aka the Great Furcon Coiffure Conspiracy

Here's Carole Parker with her tiger-striped hair and me with my zebra striped flattop. (This is after midnight at the party, so I've changed into the Jungleboy outfit)
ETA: For those of you who haven't met Carole, I should point out that she also had her hair straightened so the stripes would show more dramatically. I rather like the sleek look!
JungleBoy! JungleBoy!

Here I am in the late-night Urban Jungleboy costume. I gave up on trying to color-correct this one, because the photographer's hand shook and everything has a slight double image.

Oh, and it was a great party. The Zebra, aka yours truly the Urban Jungleboy, was being stalked by a 22-year-old tiger (complete with a beautiful tiger-stripe tattoo all down his back) all evening. Sometimes it's fun being prey :-)
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