Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Reno and Massachusetts Bound

Tomorrow night bovil and I fly to Reno to attend the Ducal Ball of the Silver Dollar Court.

Grand Duke and Duchess Paco and Wendy have done me the honor of asking me to peform both the Canadian and US national Anthems in the flag ceremony during the ball's opening.

(We'll see if the Reno Police Honor Guard gets the flags right; last time they dipped the Mexican and Canadian flags below the US flag, and insisted the US Anthem had to be sung first rather than last, the position of honor. sigh. My inner Eagle Scout cringed)

We moved our return flight on Sunday up to midday, because I'm then outward bound on the 8:15PM JetBlue redeye to Boston, and a taxi to lovely downtown Tewksbury, MA. I have a meeting with one of our vendors Monday and Tuesday morning, then I JetBlue back to San Jose.

Which should have me back in plenty of time for The Return of Wine and Cheese for Charity! on Wednesday.

PS: There's still quite a bit of room for RoWaCfC, if you're interested and didn't get the evite let me know and I'll add you!

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