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When I grow up, I want to be a Veterinarian, because I really love children...

Well, since I'll be enroute back from Boston on the 17th when we were *supposed* to do this, Belinda worked her chemical magic for me this Saturday...

Stupid Hair Trick Part One: Future's so Bright I'm Gonna Need Shades
Before! Before!

Crappy Picture Number One (for those who'v e already forgotten):
This is my natural hair color: dark blonde with plenty of grey (why do you think I keep it so short?)
Cuz I'm a Blonde, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Cuz I'm a Blonde, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Stupid hair tricks, part 1: Going from dark blonde/grey to "You'll wonder where the Yellow Went!".
An hour and 10 minutes with 20 volume peroxide under the expert supervision of Belinda, my hairstylist.

(That's Brenda, my group's administrative assistant with me. She's already forgiven me for posting a picture where we both end up with huge double chins.)

So far, all the women I know think I should keep it this color. bovil thinks that will be too much work. He's probably right.

Stupid Hair Trick Part Two (touch-up, and stencilling in the stripes) is scheduled for Jan 19.
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