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Stupid Hair Tricks proceed apace! He's got those Wild Eyes...

Last week I got the WildEyes zebra contact lenses to wear with my zebra-striped hair, etc at Further Confusion.

Today was day four of breaking in my eyes to wearing the lenses. We got some photos so y'all can see what they look like. The picture itself is pretty horrific as portraits go, but it gets the general idea across:

Preview of the new contact lenses Preview of the new contact lenses

Day 4 of breaking in to wearing the Wild Eyes zebra lenses. With the matching shirt for good measure
Closeup of the Zebra lenses Closeup of the Zebra lenses

Closeup of the lenses (day 4 of getting used to them)

As you can see (if you know my ususal haircut) the flattop is getting taller. January 17 is the day I go in for the lift-and-stripe job with Belinda.
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