Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Looking for referrals...

In keeping with the general lunacy of the Great FurCon Coiffure Conspiracy (aka Stupid Hair Tricks) I thought I'd get matching theatrical contact lenses. Except that now you can't order them online without a valid prescription, even if you don't need correction (the law just changed last month).

Well, I'm overdue (years overdue) for an eye exam anyway, and my vision plan will cover all of the exam part of the cost, and a chunk of the fitting and lenses cost even if they are not medically necessary. (yay! I guess its cheaper for them to pay some up front than pay for treatment for eye problems later caused by poor fit, etc)

So -- anyone have a suggestion? I'm on the IBM VSP Wellvision plan. markobellydance, if your employer is a network provider and the referral would be good for you, I'd certainly consider them. Go ahead and post in the comments!


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