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Stupid Hair tricks (previously on the not-Andy filter)

So kaysho had this impulsive idea about doing some wild hair color for Further Confusion ... and it must be contagious.

It occurred to me that given how fast my hair grows, I could grow it out to a slightly taller flattop, and then see if Belinda could bleach it out and dye zebra stripes in it. And since Anime LA is the weekend after Further Confusion, it would pass as Animal Hair for FC and Anime Hair for AnimeLA.

And two weeks later it'll all be grown out far enough for my usual high and tight to take it back to normal. Well as normal as a high and tight can look :-)

How's that for goofy? Waddaya think?

(bovil has already said it's ok with him if I want to do animal-fur hair for FC. I just want to see your reactions without him seeing them :-)

Edited: I've unlocked the post so the following one makes sense.
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