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Project SG-69 : Phase III: Haunted House installation

Some photos of the SG-69 gate being assembled and installed at our lab haunted house.

Stargate Frame ready for arc segments Stargate Frame ready for arc segments

The 7-chevron size frame all bolted together (notice the two "ears" sticking out sideways -- those are so the frame can be clamped securely into the gap in the wall)
Detail of corner brace Detail of corner brace

Simple but effective. Two pieces of 1/4 inch fiberboard with holes drilled to lock the spars at the correct angle. The spars sandwich between the two braces. Corner braces go between chevrons, so the spar sits directly adjacent to the inner edge of the circuit box for the lumin disk
Assembled gate ready to erect Assembled gate ready to erect

The gate is back-side up. The chevrons on the (simple one-layer) back plates are not illuminated. That small white object on the fabric is a stack of the plain chevrons, which velcro in place over the arc joints. Since the joints are covered by the chevrons, they've been reinforced with black low-residue adhesive gaffers tape.
In place and switched on In place and switched on

Here's the gate at the exit to the Haunted House maze, carefully mounted in a 115" gap in the airwall. The spaces around the edges will be filled with silver polythene sheet (the room on the far side has all the walls swaddled in the silver, part of the "alien lab" set. The angle here is bad because the maze passageways are fairly narrow, and the phone camera is not terribly sophisticated

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