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Project SG-69 : The Saga Continues: MORE POWER!!!!

One of the less-than-perfect aspects of the gate when we put it up was that each encoding chevron had it's own "wall wart" power supply, with a 6' cord. That meant at least 3 of them were hanging off the gate without support, one more source of load on the frame.

I've now finished the SG-69 ECPS.12X2, which can provide 12VACx500mA for every one of the 7 chevrons. Hurrah!

Photos of the new chevron power supply

The Box The Box

The new SG-69 ECPS.12X2 power supplie for the chevrons
The box from further away The box from further away

Another shot of the ECPS12X2
ECPS.12X2 with cables ECPS.12X2 with cables

One big fat input cable, one handy-dandy lightweight 35' output cable with 7 chevron power jacks at 4' intervals
Lables? WDNNSL? Lables? WDNNSL?

Actually yes, we do. Proof that I'm truly compulsive, the label specifying the input and output characteristics

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