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Project SG-69: our Stargate at Silicon

We built the new frame, I bolted it all together, we tipped it up onto the base with the help of half a dozen Klingons from Mara's bar. (No photos... we forgot the bloody camera)

Then a gust of wind hit. The Stargate held together, the base didn't tip over, but the metal braces attaching it to the base gave up and folded and it ended up face down anyway.

Much swearing ensued.

Then I did some field re-engineering and put it up as a seven-chevron partial gate so it would fit flush against the wall under the overhanging 3rd floor balcony.(This is as much of the gates as you usually see in most episodes of the series anyway, as there is a ramp/pedestal obscuring the lower two chevrons). We had to do front projection of the event horizon effect, but it was still very effective.

It was also wildly popular.

Once it was dark, I went out and took some pictures with my phone.

didjiman got some much better ones, I'm sure.

Some photos of the gate shot with my phone
The Field-Modified Stargate in Action The Field-Modified Stargate in Action

After emergency rebuilding of the Stargate as a partial seven-chevron structure so it could be placed flush against the wall of the building
Kevin at the boundary of the event horizon Kevin at the boundary of the event horizon

This will look so much cooler when we can rear-project it!
Packed up and ready to go Packed up and ready to go

The whole works (including buckets of tools) fits in a footlocker and a footlocker-sized stack of parts
Most of the parts Most of the parts

The tall stack is the front segments, the small stack is the rear panels, the bundle of wood is the frame spars and they are sitting on the 2x4 foot base that we tried to bolt the original full 9-segment ring to.

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