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Project SG-69: our Stargate makes it's debut

There were some glitches, but it looked spectacular

The SG-69 Gate goes up at the Golden Gate Guards run
Laying out the gate Laying out the gate

All nine gate arcs are laid out and velcroed together. We've bolted the frame spars together and discovered I did the math wrong (oops) so it must be left open at the bottom
taping the frame to the arc segments taping the frame to the arc segments

Not elegant, but it worked for now. Lots and lots of big blue painters tape.
putting it up against the cabin putting it up against the cabin

Because the frame wasn't quite rigid enough to hold it freestanding, we've leaned against the cabin. Two of the frame bolts are actually resting on the edge of the roof, taking the weight off of the frame
All put together! All put together!

All assembled, lumin disks in place and chevrons overlaid, with the white ripstop underneath.
A little later, you can start to see the chevrons A little later, you can start to see the chevrons

We've done a little more set dressing with some footlockers. Looks pretty definitely Stargate Command at this point...
It Glows! It Glows!

As dusk fell, the lighting effects became more apparent.
A lot A lot

Especially once it was really dark!

Unfortunately, the window frame clipped the projection. But as proof of concept, it rocks!

ETA: Oh, and here's a Mini (bad) movie clip of the gate in action (with CHEESY SOUNDTRACK, TOO!). Apologies for the fact that it's a windows media video (WMV) format. That's the tool I've got.

Everyone loved our gate; unfortunately we didn't win anything. But that's for another post. In short, chalk it up to cultural differences.

Next stop: Silicon! (with a new and improved frame so it can really stand up)
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