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Project SG-69 -- Photos!

Here, as promised, is a set of photos of progress to date.

Pile of Foamcore Pile of Foamcore

The raw materials
Pattern on the foamcore Pattern on the foamcore

The main ring segment tacked to the 1/2" foamcore for tracing
Tracing Tracing

Tracing around the segment pattern with a Sharpie&tm;
Tracing the trim elements Tracing the trim elements

The outer trim segment pattern tacked to the black foamcore. For these I used a silver Sharpie&tm;
Main segments laid out Main segments laid out

A sheet of main ring segments ready to cut (note the first tracing that was the wrong size, they are the ones curving down)
One main segment One main segment

One main segment cut out of the foamcore with a utility knife
Laminated Trim and main segments Laminated Trim and main segments

All the segments, with the trim arcs laminated to the main pieces thanks to Super 77 spray adhesive
Laid out for painting Laid out for painting

The ring segments laid out in the backyard for painting.
Painted with hammered metal finish Painted with hammered metal finish

Voila! First a coat of Rust-Oleum&tm; primer for plastic, then a coat of grey hammered metal finish spraypaint
Closeup of hammered metal finish Closeup of hammered metal finish

This stuff is pretty cool!

Oh -- and a big shout out of THANKS to lobolance for helping me do the topcoat so we didn't miss any of "Lost" last night. :-)
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