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Kevin Roche

RIP Kelly Turner 1961-2005

Kelly Turner, November 6, 1961-September 18, 2005

Kelly Turner passed away today after a brief and completely unexpected illness. He was rushed to Irvine Medical Center on September 5th with an extremely high temperature, extremely low blood pressure, and possible organ damage. He remained in Intensive Care for several days while doctors attempted to stabilize him and figure out what had happened. Despite their best efforts, including dialysis to take the load off his organs, he fell into a persistent vegetative state on September 13th, with no brain activity. He had a Living Will and left explicit instructions that extraordinary measures should not be taken to preserve his life, so life support was withdrawn yesterday afternoon, in the presence of his family, in accordance with his wishes. He passed peacefully in his sleep this morning in the arms of his life partner.

Kelly is survived by his mother, Rosetta Turner, three older siblings, and by his life partner, Tom Grossinger.

Cards and flowers may be sent to:

Mrs. Etta Turner
971 Bordon Road #153
San Marcos, CA 92069

Tom Grossinger
320 South 13th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

Plans for a memorial service are forthcoming, and will be announced here when they are known.

Kelly was an active fan and costumer in the 70's, 80's, and early 90's. He was part of the crew that built the "V'Ger Flyby" sets for STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE in 1979. He worked on the committees of Costume-Con 1 and 2, and chaired Costume-Con 6. He was Masquerade Director for the 1986 Westercon in San Diego. He was the managing editor of the first nine editions of The Whole Costumer's Catalogue. He also was the editor of Costumer's Quarterly for the ICG for several years. He competed in the Master division, and his costume credits include THE EGYPTIAN GODS, PYROGENESIS, TURN OF A FRIENDLY CARD, and NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN. In real life, Kelly worked in the video game industry. He started as a programmer at the coin-op division of Atari in 1984 (his games included Super Sprint, Vindicators, and Tetris). Over the last 20 years, he worked in virtually every aspect of development and production at such ompanies as Atari, P.F. Magic, Virgin Interactive, Rhythm & Hues, The 3DO Company, and Eidos. Most recently, he was Executive Producer of external development at Eidos, Inc, and sat on the Board of Governors of the Producer's Guild of America's New Media Council.

Kelly was one of the people who welcomed and encouraged me when I started fan costuming. He was a dear friend and will be sorely missed.

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