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CALL! or better yet, WRITE!

Here's my letter to the governor, going out by post tomorrow:

September 7, 2005
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Subject: Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act AB849

Earlier this year I had occasion to visit Ogden, Utah. While there I could not help but worry that should some misadventure befall me or my partner of 7 years, the other would be unable to stay nearby or assist with medical decisions, in spite of our domestic partnership status, because Utah state law specifically requires such status be ignored.

That is not the case in California, but the group behind the original Prop 22 has now announced a new effort which would void all the privileges granted by California’s domestic partnership law. When they put Prop 22 before the people, they vowed that their intent was not to interfere with domestic partnerships; apparently they have forgotten that vow.

The California State Legislature has done something no other legislature in US history has done by passing AB 849. Please don’t listen to the voices of intolerance and roll us back to the third-class status afforded same-sex couples in Utah, but instead show the courage to approve AB849 and let California take this next step towards equality for all.

Yours truly,
Kevin P. Roche

Yes, I know he's been quoted as saying he'll veto it. Call and write anyway. He's from Hollywood, his popularity is in the toilet right now, and thus is HUGELY sensitive to public opinion.
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