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Test of illuminated strips for Flashy Pants v2

Remember that silly project for Punk Rock Bowling? I liked the basic effect, but not the implementation.
The chasing LED strips were too fragile to last long, and the lighting effects were limited.

I set out to build a replacement set of light panels that were fully programmable.

This is a demo of the software and the new addressable "Flashy Pants" side panels. Each is an (independent) string of 53 2812 addressable tri-color LEDS, run in sync by a SparkFun Arduino Pro Micro, and powered by a 2000mA-hour LiPolymer battery.
This was shot after the strips had been running for 10 solid hours on a single charge of the battery!
The Pro Micro, battery, and charging circuit all fit in that very small box visible at the end of the video, made from a modified Radio Shack 4-AA battery case.
My software has several animation modes, including this demo sequence which cycles through all of them.
Tags: arduino, costume, e-textiles, london worldcon

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