Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

ThinBot: Rebuild (nearly complete!)

Here are a couple of photos of ThinBot after installing the full-length food-grade Norprene tubing.

Re-plumbing complete, close up of chiller nozzle
Re-plumbing complete, close up of chiller nozzle The short working lengths have been replacing with full-length continuous pieces of (US FDA-approved food grade Norprene) tubing.
Reassembled ThinBot with new tubing
Reassembled ThinBot with new tubing You can see the new Norprene tubing; the thing has definite Old-One overtones now.
I also did a quick calibration test of one pump, it delivered almost exactly the 100ml requested. The new hoses also maintain better vacuum back to the pump, so the nozzle drips almost not at all when dispensing ends. Next step (this weekend): build the bell ringer and glass detectors, which are not necessary for ThinBot to perform properly but will definitely add some zing.
Tags: barbot, barbot 2012, thinbot, thinbot rebuild

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