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ThinBot Update -- Make Blog

I haven't had time yet to write up the awesome (and intense) event that was BarBot 2012.

ThinBot performed very well, and got many kudos from the crowd and the other 'bot makers. Based on its performance Friday night, I did a quick update to the pouring software Saturday morning, and we had to field swap one pump head in the middle of Saturday night (15-20 mins downtime, max). Other than that, even with the "Emergency Holographic Pumps" it went pretty smoothly.

We were mentioned (with photos and video) by name in the Make Blog review of the event, so for the moment I'll point you at that:

Scroll down and look for ThinBot!

(Note for the future: it doesn't matter how fab your 'bot is when all that's left is the cheap booze. The drinks won't taste as good)
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