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ThinBot Progress: To cap it all off -- Add a dome!

We observed last year that it was important to elevate one's power supply above the wet components of a barbot, lest leaks or condensation find their way into the wiring (one bot was offline for a while until its power supply could be replaced).

I'd already mounted my power supply and control relays on a shelf above all the other components of ThinBot, but wanted a little more protection from spilled drinks. Besides, a dome would just sort of finish the look.

After a bit of shopping (we considerd the outer bowl from a salad spinner, and another from a microwave popcorn popper, but they were both translucent rather than transparent) I found a polycarbonate serving bowl that I could repurpose as a dome:

Making a dome from a bowl
Making a dome from a bowl This is just a polycarbonate bowl that I've carved 4 reliefs from using my Dremel. They're not perfect, but they'll serve nicely
Turn it over, it's a dome!
Turn it over, it's a dome! The bowl has an interesting shape -- a circular rim that morphs into 4 faces to become a square base; I've opted to orient the dome so that the sides of the square are parallel to those of the base of the entire 'bot (which orients as a diamond to the user)
Dome on top!
Dome on top!
I wear a dome now. Domes are cool
I wear a dome now. Domes are cool It still has to be tied down securely, but there it is!

I then reassembled everything so bovil could use a better camera for a final shot of the assembled ThinBot; I'll put that in a separate post.
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