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ThinBot Progress Update: Successful "Smoke Test"!

This is my last weekend to get ThinBot ready for BarBot next Friday.
Jobs to do: finish installing the lighting harness (requires some disassembly to do so), confirm the aquarium dosing pumps can do the job, and mount the pumps, power supplies and relay board.

I had purchased some OLS multicolor LED accent lighting to try replacing some problematic lights in the living room, they were inadequate to that but I discovered the packaged strips (1 foot long) slid handily into the grooves in the 80/20 extrusions I'm using as the frame for ThinBot. I bought a bigger set to give me a total of 10 1' long strips. Unfortunately, the connectors on the as-sold wiring harness do not slide into the grooves well, and I was going to have to create a fan-out in any case, so that was step one this weekend.

The harness is made from ribbon cable and SIP socket rails; the wires are soldered into the socket cups and the pins plug into the LED strips. One of the lighting modes available is a multicolor fade' that's what's running.

I did a quick test of one of the pumps; they work well but seem to pump closer to 100ml/min than 60. I'll do a full calibration tomorrow, but the good news was that the pump had no problem lifting a water column over two feet in the air and self-primed properly! (hurrah!).

Having established that there was actual hope this could work, I proceeded with the remaining main assembly, and then turned it on and waited for smoke. None happened (again, hurrah!).

ThinBot Smoke Test

ThinBot Smoke Test
All plugged in, and nothing explodes. This is a good sign.

ThinBot Smoke Test, better lighting

ThinBot Smoke Test, better lighting
OK, let's remove some clutter and shoot a better picture!

And finally, a quick video of the lights running. What remains is putting in the rest of the pumping tubing, and testing the chiller/fountain circulation. That's tomorrow's job.

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