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Thinbot Build Diary: Nozzle outlet

Originally, I designed a lovely outlet for the nozzle on Thinbot to swirl all the ingredients together as they hit the glass, ready to print on a 3d printer.

Then I found out it would cost 200 bucks to print it. Hence the redesign to the chiller/nozzle with the stainless tubes passing through the cocktail-shaker chilling tank.

I did, however, want to keep the swirling-together functionality, which I'm accomplishing with short bent pieces of tubing on the outlet end of the nozzle.

Thinbot Nozzle Closeup
Thinbot Nozzle Closeup This shows the angled outlets that are supposed to swirl the ingredients together in the glass. or spray them all over the table, in which case I get to re-bend them. Fortunately they are separate from the rest of the nozzle.
Thinbot Nozzle outlet not-quite-so-close up
Thinbot Nozzle outlet not-quite-so-close up

I got word that one set of pumps (the emergency backup aquarium dosing pumps, shipping from Tel Aviv) has shipped. For now, though, we are off to Gallifrey later this afternoon!
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