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It's beginning to look a lot like ThinBot!

Some highlight photos of the work completed this weekend (I have detail photos, but not time to write the descriptions yet).

I've packaged the touchscreen and Arduino controller in a nice box.
The silicone-sealed chiller-nozzle passed its leak test with flying colors today.
The support structure for the chiller nozzle and the glass platform are done.

Packaged Arduino and Touchscreen Control cable connects to the DB25 connector on the right; there is a port on the left to permit plugging in a USB cable to reprogram the controller
Packaged Arduino controller
Martini Glass on stand
Martini Glass on stand You can see the glass supported by the stainless steel disk on the end of the 80-20 extrusion arm
Support for chiller/nozzle
Support for chiller/nozzle Made from a 4" iron pipe coupling with steel sleeve, supported by 2 arms made of the 80-20 extrusion
Thinbot Assembly, from left
Thinbot Assembly, from left
Thinbot Assembly, from right
Thinbot Assembly, from right (slightly blurry)

In other news, I got Tiki Dalek Kraziness (TDK) repacked and prepped for shipping down to Gallifrey. We're sending him to a nearby FedEx office rather than paying the (to me) outrageous receiving ($5/box) and storage ($10/box) fees the hotel would ask. Those would double the cost of shipping him!
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