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ThinBot -- Work in progress 2-9-2012

Small amounts of progress. I've begun machining the ports into the box that will hold the Arduino Mega 2560 controller and touchscreen (photos of that when its done).

I also did assembled and leak-tested the chiller/nozzle. Alas, the compression surfaces around the O-rings were too small to seal properly and it dripped, so I had to go to the alternate plan (the original plan, actually; the o-rings were a long shot) of using silicone aquarium sealant.

Bottom of chiller/nozzle, after sealing
Bottom of chiller/nozzle, after sealing While the o-rings I used for the test assembly looked much neater, they did not seal well enough to keep the tank from dripping. The answer: lots of silicone aquarium sealant (safe for fish and people once it cures!) This doesn't look as tidy, but it should be watertight.
Silicon sealed side nozzles
Silicon sealed side nozzles

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