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Work in progress on ThinBot

Work proceeds apace on my entry for BarBot 2012...

Sunday we picked up bottle to soak clean from St. George, and today I did a test assembly of the chiller/nozzle after modifying the plastic cocktail shaker and custom-bending a bunch of stainless tubing.

Soaking bottles
Soaking bottles
soaking bottles closeup
soaking bottles closeup
soaking bottles with foam
soaking bottles with foam St George Spirits very kindly collected a bunch (10) empty apothecary-style bottles in their tasting room for use as ingredient reservoirs in ThinBot. Here they are soaking in soapy water to help get the labels off (and the dregs out)
Chilling/dispensing nozzle test assembly, first view
Chilling/dispensing nozzle test assembly, first view 8 steel tubes pass through a modified plastic cocktail shaker, which will be filled with chilled water circulated by a pump. Big thanks to Bob E at work, who is an amazing machinist and model maker. He helped me drill all the holes without shattering the shaker.
Chilling/dispensing nozzle, same view, more light
Chilling/dispensing nozzle, same view, more light The shaker has these cute "cocktail molecules" on it representing different up drinks. This is "Martinium"
Chiller/nozzle assembly, top view
Chiller/nozzle assembly, top view
Chiller/nozzle, side view
Chiller/nozzle, side view THis shows the barb fittings for the chilled water as well as the molecule for Manhattanum
Chiller/nozzle, inverted
Chiller/nozzle, inverted here you can see the 8 bulkhead fittings on the bottom. short bent pieces of tubing will be inserted here to direct and swirl the ingredients into the glass. You can see the molecule for Margaritium. The last one is Cosmonium.

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