Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Looking for a few good videogam[ing/er] costum[er/ing] folk.

I haven't done much in the way of videogaming for years (truth: I remember the Magnavox Odyssey, and Pong, and played lots of Atari 2600 games at my godparents' house), nor costumed from them.

I do, however, write for a costuming magazine (YIPE! if you've somehow missed that fact over the last 3 years) and am working on a feature about video game costumes and/or costuming at videogame events.

Anyone out there in LJ-land have something (photos, anecdotes, tales of excitement and wonder -- or woe and misery) to share? Deadlines are looming [cue ominous 8-bit music]
Tags: conventions, costume, yipe!, yipezine
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