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Tiki Dalek at Westercon 64!

I've been meaning to post these for several weeks.

We took TDK to Westercon 64 in San Jose; I finally embellished his shoulder section to my satisfaction with the addition of mesh under the large slats on his shoulders. He was a special guest at the London in 2014 party, and we shot some photos using their decor.

Tiki Dalek at Westercon 64
Tiki Dalek at Westercon 64
TDK was a special guest of the London in 2014 party; we shot photos of him (with his new mesh-and-slat arrangement on the shoulder section) in front of the large Union Flag that was part of the decor
Tiki Dalek at Westercon 64 II
Tiki Dalek at Westercon 64 II
Tiki Dalek at Westercon 64 III
Tiki Dalek at Westercon 64 III
Tiki Dalek at Westercon 64, closer up
Tiki Dalek at Westercon 64, closer up

He'll be on display in the Exhibits hall at the Reno Worldcon.
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