Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

A Special Costuming Opportunity for those going to Interaction in Glasgow!

Are you going to Interaction, the 63rd Annual World Science Fiction Convention Convention in Glasgow this August?

Have you decided not to enter the masquerade because:
a) You're not ready to enter a Worldcon Masquerade
b) You're ready, but your costumes won't be
c) You want to actually *watch* the Worldcon Masquerade
d) you don't want to deal with shipping costumes to the UK
e) other vagaries of the universe make it not possible?

Would you be interested in doing an on-stage costume project at Interaction if
a) you didn't have to ship/transport anything?
b) you didn't have to rehearse?
c) you didn't have to deal with the other assorted drama of a Masquerade entry?

Well, then have I got a deal for you...

I have been asked to produce an episode of "Ready, Steady, Sew! (aka Iron Costumer)" as part of the half-time entertainment at the Interaction masquerade. Those of you who were at Cpstume-Con 21 and thought it was a fun idea, here is your chance to try your hand at it! Those of you who missed it at CC21, here's your chance to show them how it *should* be done!

There are a number of opportunities for costumers to be involved:
1) Join the North American team
2) Join the UK/European team
1b-2b) Be a UK/European ringer on the North American team, or be a North American ringer on the UK/Europe team. (in case we have trouble filling one of the teams)
3) Be a "sewlebrity" judge
4) Be a color commentator

If you'd like to be part of this insanity, drop a note offline to ironcostumer at and let us know how you'd like to be involved.

This can be as much fun for us and the audience as we care to make it. I might even have a budget this time!

Feel free to forward this post in its entirety to other lists/costumers


PS And, for my critics, we've learned from some of the problems at CC21: setup will be as close to instantaneous as we can make it, and the only commercial interruptions will be actual announcements, as opposed to any part of the masquerade awards.

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