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Tiki Dalek News and adventures: next stop BarBot 2011 and Twitter!

TDK had two outings on Saturday at Nova Albion to the great amusement of onlookers.

The first time out was mid-afternoon, when the steampunkonsumption (shopping) was in full swing. As Nova Albion had spread out the vendors across two rooms (on two different floors, with their usual inadequate aisles between the tables) and the mezzanine, it made for slow going. It was, however great fun.

The quick-and-dirty voice modifier definitely has to be replaced; TDKs voice was too hard to understand a good part of the time. It's also been suggested I add a second pair of rear-facing speakers to his undercarriage.

The second time out was after dinner, while folks were waiting for the evening concert ("An Airship Home Companion") to begin. A turn through the ballroom (and waiting audience) was well received, and resulted in a couple of very nice photos by johno with Lee Press-On. Then off he trundled to the bar area where, unbeknownst to yours truly, he amazed a group of exhibitors from the Bricks by the Bay Lego convention next door.

After putting TDK safely to bed, bovil and I returned to the concert in more comfortable (Edo Japanese) garb, where I was introduced to said group. They turned out to include the organizers of this weekend's BarBot 2011 robotic bartending competition, and Grant Imihara from Mythbusters! (I wish I'd realized at the time; I'd love to have a photo of Grant with TDK.)

As a result, arrangements have been made for TDK to appear at BarBot on Saturday; bovil and I had already been considering going to it and staying over Saturday after visiting Wondercon, and meeting the organizers (and their enthusiasm for TDK) clinched the deal.

At the suggestion of a FB friend, I've also secured the Twitter username TikiDalek for TDK. I don't expect he's going to be terribly prolific, but this will keep someone else from putting words in his (my) vocalizer on Twitter.

I've also been informed that TDK will be featured in the Gallifrey One article in Issue Two of the new magazine Doctor Who Insider!

Looks like another fifteen minutes of fame; we'll enjoy it while it lasts! :-)
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